Misconceptions Of Aging And Healthcare

Misconceptions Of Aging And Healthcare

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Matt Ayotte and Alan Millikan, founders of Aegis Home Care, came by the studio to talk about common misconceptions of aging and healthcare planning.

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Misconceptions Of Aging And Healthcare: Medicare Will Cover This.

  • [1:20] – Folks often assume that Medicare will cover their long-term care and in-home needs. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. There is an allowance through Medicaid but not Medicare. Medicare does cover skilled nursing care, but this constitutes a narrow definition. As an example, if you need speech therapy, Medicare requires you to go every day for your therapy to be covered. If you miss even one day, the government will consider your care to be “intermediary,” and Medicare won’t cover it. Daily help with eating, bathing, etc…is considered to be custodial care, and Medicare doesn’t cover that either.

Misconceptions Of Aging And Healthcare: All CCRC’s Are Created Equal.

  • [4:21] Perhaps we should first point out that a CCRC is a Continuing Care Retirement Community. The idea is that you move in and age in place on that campus. Even if your health deteriorates, these facilities will care for you. They usually include assisted living, skilled care, and memory care units. While there are several of these communities out there, their financial structures tend to differ. Some operate on an equity model. This allows you to buy a unit and build equity in your property. Other CCRCs charge monthly fees to their residents.

Misconceptions Of Aging And Healthcare: I Won’t Need Long-term Care. 

  • [8:26] Maybe you think you’re as fit as a fiddle and will never need a nursing home. Perhaps you think your kids will take care of you, or maybe you’re simply determined not to enter a facility. While we understand the sentiment, this isn’t a realistic expectation. At least half of Americans past the age of 65 will at some point require long-term care. As you age, that percentage gets even higher. That’s not to say you’ll definitely required skill care, but it does mean you’ll most likely require some sort of long-term care facility.

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  • [00:34] – What Does Aegis Home Care Do?
  • [9:42] – Misconceptions: If I Need Help, I’m Going To Have To Move.

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