Low-Hanging Fruit: Opportunities For Financial Improvement

Low-Hanging Fruit: Opportunities For Financial Improvement

The Prelude:

Putting a comprehensive retirement plan in place doesn’t always require a complete overhaul of your financial life. Often, you’ll find minor opportunities for financial improvement. We’ll call these areas the “low-hanging fruit” as they should be quite simple to adjust.

The Bass Lines:

Opportunities For Financial Improvement: Too Much Cash.

  • [01:54] – Despite your best intentions, maybe you have too much money sitting in the bank. Don’t let it collect dust. Find a way to put it to work.

Opportunities For Financial Improvement: Life Insurance. 

  • [3:42] – Life insurance is much cheaper today than it used to be. If you have an old policy, it’s possible you can roll it into a newer, more affordable policy. Additionally, you might simply be able to reduce your premiums.

Opportunities For Financial Improvement: Old 401k Accounts.

  • [8:00] – We often discover old 401k accounts that have been left with a previous employer. These accounts could be severely limiting your investment options. Roll that 401k into an IRA, and take advantage of the many investing options out there. Of course, be sure to work with a professional.

The Crescendo:

The Encore:

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