Retirement Planning on the Tennis Court

Retirement Planning on the Tennis Court

The Prelude:

What does tennis have to do with retirement? Probably more than you would think. We pulled three aspects about tennis that relate to retirement planning to help you understand the strategy a little better.   

Tennis demands a huge amount of flexibility, endurance, and focus. Join us as we take a look at what the game can teach you about playing alone or on a team, using the court to your advantage, and how to secure your win.

The Bass Lines:

  • [3:06] – Three Tennis Comparisons
  • [4:07] – Court Differences for Singles vs. Doubles
  • [7:11] – The Surfaces on Which You Play
  • [10:39] – Holding Serve to Control Your Game

The Crescendo:

The host: John Stillman – Contact – Book – Call: 919-391-3446