The Rules Have Changed: What the SECURE Act Means for You

The Rules Have Changed: What the SECURE Act Means for You

The Prelude:

Almost everyone will feel some effects from the new SECURE Act. Some more immediately than others, but in the grand scheme almost everyone will be affected. Ron and I will help you tackle the new rules as we discuss the two most important components: The changes in stretch IRAs and the new RMD age. The most important thing to keep in mind is communicating with your family about the changes from an estate planning standpoint. Don’t fret, we’re gonna break it all down for you and help you get started!

  • [2:14] – The two components that will affect the average person 
  • [3:16] – Stretch IRA is no more – Now you have 10 years 
  • [5:09] – John’s Take: Revenue is realized
  • [6:05] – Spouses are an exception on the 10-year rule
  • [6:24] – Generational Wealth Consequences 
  • [8:39] – Generational conversations are a must  
  • [9:49] – Raising the RMD Age to 72
  • [11:46] – You’re required to withdraw and pay, but not required to spend
  • [12:17] – How your age affects your planning: 72, 70, 60, 45 and more 
If you’re an existing client who will be immediately affected by this, we’ve already made contact with you. However, many others will be substantially affected, just not as immediately. If you don’t work with us already and this sounds like something you need to talk with us about, there’s no time like the present. You can schedule a visit by going to our website or you can just call us at at (919) 391-3446 and set up a time to talk.

The Crescendo:

The host: John Stillman – Contact – Book – Call: 919-391-3446