Seven Tips For Traveling

Seven Tips For Traveling

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Kristin Staley shares tips for making travel more efficient. Take note the next time you travel, and you’ll make the whole experience better!

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Travel Tips: Take A Picture Of Your Luggage.

  • [00:47] – Don’t lose your luggage. Having a photo of your luggage will make it easier for the airlines to help you find your bags if they’re misplaced on a trip. While you’re at it, take a picture of your spot in the parking deck at the airport as well. Don’t forget where you parked.

Travel Tips: Take An Empty Water Bottle.

  • [1:36] You’re probably going to wait at least half an hour on your flight before drinks are served, and buying drinks in the airport is expensive. Don’t fall for the $20 Icelandic water at the terminal newspaper stand.  While you can’t take liquids through security, you can take empty water bottles and fill them up at a water fountain before you board your flight.

Travel Tips: Take Smaller Bags With You In Your Carry On. 

  • [2:31] – It’s so easy to forget smaller bags when packing everything in a carry-on bag. Take a purse or other smaller bag to have with you when you arrive at your destination.
  • If you’re curious, we recommend packing enough items in the carry-on to get you through your first day of travel. We also recommend packing your medicines, passports, and cameras in your carry-on luggage.

Travel Tips: Dirty Laundry.

  • [3:44] – Consider purchasing a mesh laundry bag to pack in your luggage. If you’re driving, a college dorm room laundry basket isn’t a bad option either. This can save you the headache and the stench of sorting your dirty clothes from your clean ones.

Travel Tips: Cybersecurity.

  • [4:28] – Beware of your computer stalking you. Use private browsers when looking for flights. Otherwise, your computer can use these things called cookies (not the tasty kind) to track your searches and raise prices on you. Another tip for searching is to only search for prices on one ticket at a time. If you’re searching for two, they can also raise prices.

Travel Tips: Be Flexible On The Days Of The Week You’re Traveling. 

  • [6:05] – If you’re traveling mid-week, you’ll find that flights are usually a bit cheaper. There are several apps out there that help you to find cheaper flights based on the days you’re planning to travel.

Travel Tips: Check The Iron In The Hotel Before You Use It. 

  • [7:30] – If you’re traveling on business, chances are good you’ll need to iron the miscellaneous dress or suit. Before you start, check the bottom of the iron for any melted residue. Otherwise, you could ruin your clothes.

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